Your Church Needs a New Broadcasting Solution! 

A home to upload and broadcast your content. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating the world's best solutions for your ministry to share the Gospel and teach the Word. We are just getting up and running but here are some things we think will help you connect with the world.

Share Your Videos

Your content can save lives, that's why our goal is to make it as accessible as possible using the power of the internet.

Engaging Tools

Need a system to automatically keep track of what questions you've answered? What about a service to notify your followers? How about one location for all your videos, articles, and outlines? Want me to keep going?

Powerful Tech, Built for Your Bible

Do you think we can build a Bible cross-reference system, note-taking system, and study tool that's cheep, customizable, and yet state of the art? It's worth a try, and we're going to give it a try!

High Quality Video

Before Worshify began we were in the video business. Now we've applied what we know to make sure your videos look as sharp as you intended.

One Size Fits All

We have felt the pain of managing the same content on dozens of different platforms all at the same time just to pick and choose features the other one didn't have. With todays tech you can carry all of your eggs in one basket!

Powerful Privacy and Analytics

How can we be 100% private yet still provide accurate recommendations of content? When you watch videos on other platforms, data is collected about you and your preferences. This is necessary to be able to provide the best recommendations for you... but what else do these other platforms do with that data? On Worshify I am creating a user analytics engine that puts users and creators in complete control. All analytic data is saved on a separate database from the rest of Worshify's servers. Only users can see what videos they have watched while teachers can see how many views each of their videos received, as well as user engagement throughout each video.

How is my data associated with my account?With Worshify Privacy Mode turned on, the videos you watch and "like" aren't associated with your account. Nothing in your account is linked to your history. This means only you can look back at what you've watched using a unique private key.

Pro Plan, Pro Tools

When you sign up for Worshify Pro we will send you an Atem Mini Pro To use for no extra cost!

With the Atem Mini Pro You can stream 4 Cameras or add Graphics to your broadcast. You get a profesional Audio mixer and tools to automate and record your broadcasts!


Full Support: Yes

FeaturesUpload unlimited videos and sermon notes


Stream Live!


Full Support: Yes

Features Unlimited video uplaods and live streaming, chat boxes

When you sign up for Worshify Pro we will send you an Atem Mini Pro to use for free!

Coming SoonCustom Chat Boxes, Text Message Service*, Receive Donations*


Text Messages cost $0.015 per message  |  Cash Donations will receive a 4% service fee, Crypto Donations will receive %1 service fee. Some Donations may be tax deductible | Free renatl of Atem Mini Pro through the duration of your worshify service

Coming Soon... 

Automatically turn your broadcasts into a podcast!