by Randy White Ministries Sunday, Apr 3, 2022

The Nations of the Millennium

A Brief History of the Future

  • Next up: the rapture of the church.

  • “70th Week of Daniel." This time of preparation includes the first four seals of the Revelation.

  • After that, seven years of Tribulation, as outlined in Daniel and Revelation.

  • This period ends with the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming. The Lord will slay all the enemies of God at the Battle of Armageddon (Rev. 19:20), and those remaining will enter the Kingdom, either as inheritors (Jews) or subjects (Gentiles) of the Kingdom.

    The Fact of the Nations In the Millennium is Undeniable

  • Zechariah 8:20-23 makes the presence of non-Jews clear.

  • There is nothing in the Bible (though perhaps in the theology books of man) that makes Israel to be the church and Gentile to be the non-Christian.

    *The Rarely Discussed Problem: How Did They Get There?*

  • “Jewish believers who survive the Great Tribulation will live in Israel during the Millennium while believing Gentile survivors will populate the nations. They and their children will live on Earth during the Millennium." ().

  • The problem with the common answer is that there are no details in the answer, and it doesn't deal with some difficulties.

    “Judgment of the Nations" in Matthew 25:31-46
  • “The Judgment of the Nations," and used to describe how these “believing Gentile survivors" (from above quote) get into the millennium.

    • The passage only has two groups in its outcome: sheep and goats (v. 32).

    • The sheep inherit the Kingdom (vv. 33-34). This makes it impossible that the sheep can be anyone other than faithful Israel, to whom (and only whom) the Kingdom was promised.

    • The goats go into everlasting punishment (v. 46) and thus cannot be in the millennial Kingdom at all.

    • This two-fold outcome leads to no nations in the millennium…how do they get there?

  • Proposing an alternative view to Matthew 25:31-46. What if this isn't the judgment of the nations, but the judgment of surviving Israel?

    • Support for the view:

      • If this proposal can pass the test, then the nations in the millennium are not even in view.

      • Where does Matthew 25 speak about anything other than Israel?

        • Matthew 25:1-13 is about the Ten Virgins -- This passage is about the Kingdom (v. 1), and thus about Israel. Trying to make this about the church requires the development of a works-based salvation. The foolish virgins are unbelieving, unfaithful Israel.

        • Matthew 25:14-30 is also about the Kingdom, and the parable of the talents. The servants (referred to by the pronoun them in v. 14) is a reference to Israel. The point: not all of Israel is faithful Israel.

        • If verses 1-30 are about Israel, why not verses 31-46?

    • Two objections to this view:

      • Isn't Matthew 25:32 plain, that all nations are involved?

        • But: *who are them who are being separated?* Could it be Jews separated from the other nations? Compare Matthew 24:31.

        • As the nations look on, Israel will be separated.

      • Can unfaithful Israel be referred to as goats?

        • Ezekiel 34:17-22 is exactly the same“small livestock."

    • My conclusion: Matthew 25:31-46 says nothing about Gentiles in the millennial Kingdom.

      Problem #2: How Are Their Gentiles If they Are Deceived According to 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12?
  • The passage clearly reveals a deception, and all who are under that deception will be damned (v. 11).

  • The passage itself narrows its focus to those who received not the love of the truth (v. 10). Is it required that this be everyone?

  • Is there any evidence that some Gentiles who live in the tribulation are not deceived?

    • Zechariah 14:16 -- someone is certainly left to worship the King.

    • Revelation 11:13 -- some gave glory to the God of heaven.

    • How will they enter the millennium? The answer is found in Joel 2:30-3:17, with special emphasis on 2:32. There will be some (a small few) who will reject the call to fight against Israel, and they will call on the name of the Lord. It is these who will refuse to fight against Israel that will be allowed to become the nations of the millennium.

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